I am a hobby knitter, but also enjoy crochet and sewing when I have time. I learnt to knit and crochet as a child from my mother and her sister. I learnt to sew at school. I stopped knitting and crafting for years whilst I studied, brought up children and worked. I did do some sewing with the children were small (trousers and skirts mainly).

The children are grown up, I no longer feel the need to study but I still work full time. I took up knitting again about a year ago and go to a regular knitting circle which is very sociable and allows us to help others acquire new knitting skills. I have also been attending some 1 day courses to help develop my skills further.

I love knitting and crochet as they help to keep my brain very active and help me to relax after work as they take my mind off work issues all together.


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