Baby Gifts

After nearly 6 months I have now finished two knitted gifts for a beautiful baby girl.  The little girl is now 6 months old, which is just perfect, as I knitted the gifts in size 6 – 12 months.

The jumper is kitted in King Cole Merino 4 ply (50g balls), which is just lovley to hold and knit with.  2 balls in the Aran colour, 1 ball in the Amethyst, and 1 ball in the Raspberry.

The pattern was from Zoe Mellor, Nursery Knits, the kitten sweater.  I had previously knitted the puppy pattern for my grandson some years ago (he is now 5 years old).

I also knitted a little tunic dress, using King Cole Bamboo cotton (100g balls) in Wisteria (2 balls).

This was from a pattern in a Love Knitting For Baby magazine from March 2016.  The pattern was for the pinafore dress, which started on page 72.  The recommended yarn was Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK, but my local yarn store, Ripping Yarns in Saltburn, had recently stopped stocking it and they recommended the King Cole Bamboo Cotton.  I did find the yarn a bit splitty and fibourous but it was still lovely and soft on the fingers and handled being rippied out and re-knitted a few times really well.

The pattern in the magazine had both shoulders joined, and the pick up and knit arm and neck borders were to be done in a 3.25mm needle rather than a 4mm needle as the bulk of the pinafore dress was done in.

I suppose I knitted this because I liked the colour, finding the King Cole Bamboo cotton Wisteria to be a near match for the suggested colour of the pattern in the magazine, and thought it would be quick and easy to knit as a little gift.  Well, how wrong could I be?  Very wrong – this took ages to knit as I firstly undid the neck and arm edges, which unravelled more than I bargained for, so ended up knitting the top of the front and back again just so I could pick up and knit the neck and arm borders in 4mm needles as I felt the openings were too tight in the 3.25mm.

After doing this, I still was not keen on the size of the openings and felt that having one side opening would be better for getting on and off a small child.  So I started to unravel and unpick joins again, unfortunately this all got tangled and I found that I had then unravelled the whole of the back and front, so I re-knitted the whole of the back and front again, this time leaving one side open, putting on a button band and putting in button holes, and still picking up and knitting the neck and arm hole bands using teh 4mm needles.  I was more than happy with the end result this time.

So, here are the pictures of the heart edged pinafore dress from page 72 onwards of the Love Knitting for Baby (March 2016) with my adjustments (an opening, including button band and button holes, and neck/arm bands in 4mm needles rather than 3.25mm needles).





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