Finished Christmas presents 2014

Well, reading my blog I realised that I left you with some wip late 2014 Christmas projects, so it is only fair that I show you the finished items, gloves for my staff and a children’s jumper that I had been knitting for my grandson since he was born (he is nearly 5 now!).  I gave the jumper to a member of my staff who had just adopted a little boy – perfect for him.  So this proves, I can finish my projects, if I try – even if it is late.  I should add that I was ill from October to March, so I actually did not see my staff to give them their late finished Christmas presents until March – unless they read my blog they will never realise the presents were not finished in time for Christmas 2014.  The diligent among you will notice that there is an extra pair of fingerless mittens included below that were not shown in the wip for Christmas 2014 – there were so wip when I posted at the time they were still a ball of wool!


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