Finished Christmas Projects

I have been so slow and am still completing Christmas projects 2014!  I am driven to complete them dependent upon when I am seeing someone.  As  have been recovering from illness and supporting my other half through illness I have hardly seen anyone, apart from our closest friends and family, since November last year.

Family and friends were the luckier recipients last Christmas, as they mostly received their lovingly knitted gifts in time for Christmas, although in the case of my two long suffering daughters (Eldest dear daughter and youngest dear daughter) they had ordered their gift selection over a year beforehand, so had expected their gifts for Christmas 2013!.

Eldest dear daughter had chosen Rowan Thick and Thin snood pattern, Satellite, in the lovely Shale colourway.



Youngest dear daughter had chosen Rowan Thick and Thin plaited scarf, Saros, in the shades of Dolomite and Flint.  She loves the giant pom poms, which do add to the fun of this scarf.



My dear son in law was presented with a man’s snood that had been knitted for a long time and was intended for my brother, but needs must in an urgent present situation – so my son in law was presented it as his gift.  The pattern is Columns Cowl by Vivian Hsu, and I used Rowan British Sheep Breeds undied DK.  I would use a softer yarn another time as this is a little harsh around the neck, albeit warm.



I wipped up a present for my dear other half the night before Christmas from some left over James C Brett Marble yarn (in a blue – MC21 I think).  The yarn was left over from a jumper I knitted him over a year ago, and I found there was just enough yarn for a quick knit hat for him to match his jumper.  The hat pattern was from the jumper one, King Cole pattern 3261.


The last of the presents finished in time for Christmas was a Wavy Baktus scarf in the lovely colourway of King Cole Riot DK Rapsody.  I was actually knitting this for my Support Assistant but my best friend loved it so much I gave it to her.  I knitted this with 3.75mm needles but when knitted again for my Support Assistant I changed to 4mm needles to give even more bounce.

Wavy scarf 1 4

Wavy scarf 1 1


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