Everard – Rowan Fine Art Accessories Collection


P1060378 P1060380 P1060387 P1060389

Well, at long last I have finished Everard, a lovely delicate slightly lacey scarf in Rowan Fine Art (the sock yarn).  This is an item I have actually made for myself rather than for someone else as usual.  It has taken me ages as I have carried on with my grandsons Rowan cardigan in calmer (just needs finishing as it is finished apart from the seams), and a jumper for my husband (just started).

Although this should be easy I have actually found it difficult, especially the last lacey part where I managed to get the front of the pattern on the wrong side and re-started it twice more before getting it on the correct side for the finished item.  Then last night I finished it off, after carefully blocking using Eucalan and pinning out on my blocking boards.  The only thing is that I did not prepare it and pin it first, I just went straight into stitching the top lacey side down – unfortunately, the wrong way!!!!

I tried to carefully unpick it, but ended up snipping the cast off row – it could have been worse though, I could have snipped the body of the scarf.  Anyway, I then unpicked what remained of the cast off row and took it back to a part of the pattern where I could pick up the stitches again.  From here I added in new yarn (there was plenty of the yarn left) and finished it again.  I have now pinned it, checked it and finished it off completely in the correct way.  I have tried it on and it is lovely – see for yourself in the pictures.  I am so glad this is done now.

What moved this from easy to intermediate was the lacey pattern and purling 5 together – it was easy to end up dropping a stitch and then having to go back again to pick it up.  But then, it has given me a sense of satisfaction in finishing it completely and now I only need to find the right top to wear to show it off to its full glory.


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